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Uppermill Cricket Club

League Registration  

Uppermill Cricket Club GMCL / CricHQ Registration 2023

£10 payment is due from all senior players for the 2023 season ( However this will be reimbursed through our membership scheme)

Please find the correct link below & click to sign in - 
When you click on your link this will take you to the registration window for your club and ask if

  • you are registering for yourself or

  • registering as a guardian of a child under 16.

If you do not wish to continue just close the window tab.


Click on "Myself" or "My Children" - 

If the system recognises your e-mail address it will then ask if you want to link to your previous record on cricHQ but do not worry if it doesn't, this can be sorted later.

If you do not want to link click on "Dismiss" or click on "Register Selected Players".


This takes you to the next page where you do the basic registration -

  • Enter name, initials, date of birth, gender then 

  • add an image (optional for those not playing open age cricket); It must be a passport style, current, face forward, no headwear or face coverings, head & shoulders shot

  • Then your ECB player type - the NEW options are self explanatory;

  • then add your professional or amateur status - again the options are self explanatory;

  • then your role - Official / Umpire / Player


Where you have clicked on "My Children"

- the page allows you to add more than one child and also asks for your details as parent / guardian


When you click on submit -

  • the system will show the image, your name and age and then ask you to select your subscription type and

  • when selected it will show the cost.

  • At the foot of the page are the GMCL & cricHQ GDPR policies and you click on the box to agree to the T&Cs & Club rules.

  • At this point you can "Go Back" or "Submit"

  • The payment process will follow

You will then get another chance to double check but dont worry your club admin can make amendments for you if needed.


And that is it.

You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address entered and you must verify your registration and claim your player profile. 

The league will review the registrations and notify the club if you fail to submit a suitable id photo, registration for the season will not be valid until the club administrator corrects the image.

You can complete the registration on our site below or through the link.

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